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6. April 2018
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2. July 2018

XTERRA Belgium – Partner Event of the XTERRA Germany 2018

Since 2017, the organizer club O-SEE Sports selects an event of the XTERRA European Tour as partner event of the year. This year, XTERRA Belgium was chosen. Reason for the ORGTEAM boss of the XTERRA Germany Benno to conduct a short interview with Florian of the XTERRA Belgium team before he travels to Namur with 15 club members to participate in the spectacular race in and over the Meuse:

Benno: only in a few years XTERRA Belgium became on of the most popular XTERRA Events in Europe. Why? Whats the secret, what´s the declaration of this amazing develepment?

Florian: We are chance to be at the crossroads of Europe. The great triathlon nations are our neighbours. France is the country where there are the most XTERRA athletes and we feel it. This year again we will welcome more than 550 foreigners including 300 French! I also think that Namur is perfectly located in Belgium. A great density of sportsmen live very close to this city and it is very easy of access. We also have 3 international airports within 45′ of the event. It is very easy to come to Namur.

Benno: One reason ist he party after the race …

Florian: It is important that athletes have an experience, not just a triathlon. Belgium has the reputation of being a friendly country where people know how to have fun and like to party. We want to show that this is true. We try to be very professional in the organisation of the race but above all we want the participants to remember that they came to Belgium and that it was an exceptional atmosphere. The closing party is therefore logically very important!

Benno: Our organisation team is a great family and there are cca 20 members of O-SEE Sports club working in this team. And we are „toiled all year“ ;-), to prepare the event – year after year. 18 long years… And everybody do that „just for fun“. I´m really proud about this guys. How is it with you? Tell me something about your organzsation structures. How may time spend you with XTERRA?

Florian: Wir sind eine sehr kleine Struktur. Denis und ich (Florian) arbeiten ein Jahr lang an der Vorbereitung der Veranstaltung. Denis arbeitet nach seinem Arbeitstag am XTERRA. Für mich ist XTERRA ein echter Teil meiner Arbeit. Unter uns haben wir ein Team von 15 Managern, die sehr engagiert sind. Sie verwalten wichtige Funktionen am Renntag. Dann sind da noch all die Freiwilligen. Insgesamt werden wir während des XTERRA Belgien-Tages mehr als 240 Freiwillige sein.

Benno: Do you get great support from the region, the city?

Florian: Yes we have the support of the region and the city. The city of Namur has understood that sport and XTERRA brings dynamism and is very positive for the region. Our race brings economic benefits for the city. In total, with our 4 events of the weekend, it is 2000 people who will participate.

Benno: What’s the news this year?

Florian: We want to attract new athletes on the XTERRA triathlon. We organize a trail on Friday evening but also a mountain bike ride that takes the XTERRA route. We are also organizing a medical conference. It will address themes related to triathlon.


Thank you, dear Florian – see you. Tomorrow the adventure XTERRA Belgium starts for the O-SEE team.