XTERRA is a brand name under which Cross-Triathlon, Cross-Duathlon and Trailrun are run worldwide with comparable high standards. The length of the XTERRA Cross-Triathlon races is about 1,5 km swimming, 30-40 km mountain bike and 10 km trail run. XTERRA requires energy, concentration and endurance, a clever division of the race, but also strength, courage and skill.
Swimming is no different from classic triathlon, but mountain biking usually involves over 1000 metres of altitude with extreme climbs and technical descents, and the final cross-country run also takes place in terrain that is sometimes obstacle-prone.
In this respect, XTERRA is much "harder" at comparable distances to the so-called Olympic Triathlon.

competition announcement

18. International Cross-Triathlon in the Nature Park “Zittauer Gebirge” 

  • XTERRA European Championship 2018

Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018

Track/course information

1,5 km
Swimtriangular course, 2 laps á 750 m with short shore leave
36 km
MTB1 lap (1160 m total growth)
9 km
Trailrun2 laps á 4,7 und 5,3 km

Track presentation



XTERRA swim course


XTERRA Trailrun-course