Rom Akerson and Lesley Paterson win XTERRA World Championship
5. November 2018
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19. November 2018

XTERRA European Tour 2019 – News and facts

The event plan for the upcoming XTERRA season has traditionally been announced during the XTERRA World Championships in Maui. The most important races worldwide are summarized in the World Tour, 2019 37 races. The World Tour is divided into the America Tour, PanAm Tour, European Tour, Asia Pacifik Tour, Australia Series, Canada Series, South Africa. For us Europeans, the European Tour is of course the most important series. In 2019 it will comprise 17 races. The tour will start on April 7th in Cyprus, the end of the tour will mark the races in Scandinavia, although their dates are not yet fixed. The highlight of the European XTERRA season will be the European Championship in Prachatice, CZ, our neighbouring XTERRA event with a long tradition. Congratulations to Michal Pilousek and the XTERRA CZECH team ! New in the series are the races in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The race in the Netherlands of the Silver category will be held on Ameland, an island in the Wadden Sea. This promises quite a lot of sand, a lot of sea, a lot of wind and few altitude meters in a very small space;-). We are curious. There is no official information yet about the XTERRA race in Luxembourg, which is planned for the first time in 2019. Also new on the tour is the XTERRA Gravemann in Savoy/France, an XTERRA format with almost twice the distance, first held in 2018. XTERRA Romania will not be there in 2019. The organizers are 2019 organizers of the ETU Multisport triathlon Championships

From XTERRA Germany’s point of view there is a good constellation to the neighbouring races, since the 3 races in Eastern Europe take place on 3 consecutive weekends and thus far-traveled athletes have the opportunity to complete a triple in a good 14 days. The three races would also have the potential for an XTERRA mini-series within the European Tour analogous to the Scandinavian combination or a conceivable Benelux series.

The XTERRA Germany on August 17, 2019 will again be a highlight of the series, a Gold Race and will present itself in the usual way as a major event at the O-SEE, together with the O-SEE Challenge, with a large supporting program, EXPO, Party, X´Kids Challenge – 2019 again in combination with the German Cross-Triathlon Championship of the DTU. Preparations are in full swing, online registration will be possible from mid-December, the exact date will be announced in good time!

XTERRA race schedule 2019