Ruben Ruzafa and Hele­na Karasko­va win XTERRA Czech
18. July 2018
Hele­na Karasko­va and Bradley Weiss win XTERRA Poland
13. August 2018

Roger Ser­ra­no and Eva-Gar­cia Gon­za­lez win XTERRA Abruz­zo

It is the favourite race of the Spaniard Ser­ra­no, already because of the many small cosy restau­rants in the old town of the Abruz­zo town Scan­no. And the MTB course suits him. How­ev­er, he had not expect­ed that the Swiss Xavier Daf­flon with the fastest bike time would almost con­test his vic­to­ry. How­ev­er, on the final trail run, he man­aged to fin­ish in first place, only 30 sec­onds ahead of Xavier. Place 3 for the Ital­ian Ugazio.

Among the women, Ruben’s com­pa­tri­ot Eva Gon­za­lez won with a com­fort­able 5-minute lead ahead of Cari­na Wasle (AUT) and San­dra Mairhofer (ITA). 4th place for Rena­ta Buch­er (SUI). They all crossed the fin­ish line with­in a Minute.

In the XTERRA Euro­pean Tour Fran­cois Car­loni now lead with only one point dif­fer­ence to Roger Ser­ra­no and Cari­na Wasle.

Next stop: XTERRA Roma­nia.

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