Roger Ser­ra­no and Eva-Gar­cia Gon­za­lez win XTERRA Abruz­zo
6. August 2018
Last impor­tant infor­ma­tion for the main com­pe­ti­tionson Sat­ur­day, August 18th
14. August 2018

Hele­na Karasko­va and Bradley Weiss win XTERRA Poland

With his vic­to­ry at the XTERRA Poland (his first race of the Euro­pean series), the reign­ing world cham­pi­on is work­ing his way up to the top ten of the Euro­pean series, thus putting him­self in posi­tion for the XTERRA EM next week­end.

Hele­na Karasko­va (CZ) under­lines her title ambi­tions at the XTERRA EM in Zit­tau, her home race, as she is only 30 km away from home.

With the best bike split and the best run­ning split, the South African secured a com­fort­able 6-minute lead over New Zealan­der Sam Osborne. 3rd place for the like­able 22-year-old French­man Max­im Chane, who ben­e­fit­ed from a time penal­ty for Ben Allen and Arthur Ser­ri­eres.

The women’s race was much tighter: With only 19 sec­onds ahead of the Hun­gar­i­an Brigit­ta Poor the Czech Karasko­va secured the vic­to­ry and was over­joyed about her sec­ond vic­to­ry here in Krakow. 3rd place went to Cari­na Wasle, who was able to extend her lead in the tour rank­ing com­pared to Brigit­ta Poor.

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