19. August 2018
Xavier Daf­flon and Cari­na Wasle win XTERRA Fin­land
28. August 2018

Brigit­ta Poor and Bradley Weiss win XTERRA Euro­pean Championship/XTERA Ger­many

It’s the sec­ond year in a row Weiss and Poor have claimed the Euro­pean titles (last year they did at XTERRA Den­mark).  For Weiss, the reign­ing XTERRA World, Asia-Pacif­ic, and Euro­pean Cham­pi­on, the vic­to­ry is his sec­ond in as many weeks and fourth on the year.  For Poor, the win is her sev­enth out of nine races on the XTERRA Euro­pean Tour this year.

After XTERRA Ger­many, the top posi­tions did not change. François Car­loni has a sol­id lead over Roger Ser­ra­no who moves up to 2nd after today’s podi­um. Arthur Ser­ri­eres dropped to third after a flat tire caused a DNF today. Max Chané moved up to 4th.  Peter Lehmann placed 15th today, so takes a few points and sits in 5th place. With his sec­ond vic­to­ry on the Euro­pean Tour and with big points for the win today, Bradley Weiss climbed up the lad­der to the sixth spot.

Cari­na Wasle, after near­ly 15 years of rac­ing XTERRA, looks like she is on her way to win­ning her first XTERRA Euro­pean Tour title. There was no change to the top six in the rank­ing for the women, but from 7th to 10th we had some move­ment with Mairhofer, Gar­cia, Slater and Orchard mov­ing up.

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