Results XTERRA Ger­many 2019
18. August 2019
Hele­na Karasko­va and Yer­ay Lux­em win XTERRA Lux­em­bourg
5. September 2019

Arthur Ser­ri­eres and Hele­na Karasko­va win XTERRA Ger­many

Arthur Ser­ri­eres (FRA) secured the vic­to­ry with a strong run­ning per­for­mance in front of the Ger­man Jens Roth, who was lead­ing up to T2 and showed an out­stand­ing per­for­mance on this day. It was to be expect­ed that he would lead after the swim, because Jens is one of the best swim­mers of the PRO field. But that he still leads after the tech­ni­cal­ly and con­di­tion­al­ly demand­ing MTB course – that was a big sur­prise. How­ev­er, the advan­tage was not enough to keep the French­man Ser­ri­eres at a dis­tance, who was third in T2. But the advan­tage was enough to leave the Czech Lukas Kocar in 2nd place after the MTB course behind and to rel­e­gate him to 3rd place.

For the women the usu­al sce­nario: A mod­er­ate­ly swim­ming Hele­na Karasko­va rolls up the top field on the MTB from behind. Allen, Poor and Wal­ters are cashed in one after the oth­er, so that she reach­es T2 just behind the Swiss Loanne Duvosin and then beats her nar­row­ly on the sec­ond lap.

Lad­i­na Buss (SUI) showed one of her best races this sea­son and was reward­ed with 3rd place.

Arthur Ser­ri­eres (FRA) and Hele­na Karasko­va (CZE) lead in the Tour clas­si­fi­ca­tion.

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