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XTERRA is the newest and most spectacular cross triathlon where athletes face an enormous challenge. They have to fight against themselves, compete against a lot of other starters and face all force of nature as well. XTERRA is not just a trend sport. For most it is a way of life: the addiction for adrenalin, adventure and fun. XTERRA is the perfect mix of triathlon, mountain biking and adventure race. XTERRA requires energy, concentration and stamina, a clever pace in the race and power, bravery and smartness as well. XTERRA is a brand name for the cross triathlon or an off-road triathlon, similar to the brand name „IRONMAN“ for the long distance triathlon. 1996 was the first year where XTERRA was organized on Maui (Hawaii). Even today Maui hosts the XTERRA World championship and that normally two weeks after the famous „IRONMAN“ on the „Big Island“. The XTERRA athletes face a lot more compared to the „IRONMAN“ the forces of the nature! The swimming is more or less very similar to the classic triathlon, but the mountain biking and the trail run is completely different. In the mountain biking biker have to ascend over 1000m and ride up steep hills and descend dangerous sloops. The run takes place offroad. The XTERRA race distances are for the swimming 1.5km, mountain biking 30-40km and 10km for the trail run. XTERRA is growing world wide rapidly as the biggest multi sport event. In 2006 already 130 XTERRA events existed with about 30.000 participants. XTERRA events are hosted in the USA, Japan, New Zealand, Argentina, Costa Rica, South Africa, Brazil, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, England, Austria, and Germany where you can qualify for the world championship on Maui. Since 2001 Germany hosts one of the XTERRA events. XTERRA Germany is part of the XTERRA World-Tour Series. XTERRA Germany is a major international event. The worlds best athletes fight for the 50 slots to qualify for the championship and win 15.000 $ prize money.



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