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XTERRA Germany 2016 mit Europameisterschaftsstatus

XTERRA EM Logo 3c 250pxDie XTERRA Germany hat den Zuschlag für die Ausrichtung der XTERRA Europameisterschaft 2016 erhalten. Damit setzte sie sich gegen mehrere nationale Bewerber in Europa durch.

Mit dem Zuschlag erhöht sich die Wertigkeit des XTERRA-Wettkampfes innerhalb der XTERRA EUROPEAN Tour von einer nationalen Meisterschaft mit GOLD-Status zu einer offenen Europameisterschaft im Crosstriathlon. Die XTERRA-Europameisterschaft wird über die sogenannte XTERRA Distanz (1,5/36/9km) der O-SEE Challenge ausgetragen. Mit dem EM-Status sind höhere Preisgelder verbunden, was die Veranstaltung insbesondere auch für die Weltelite attraktiver macht. Freuen wir uns also gemeinsam auf ein neues Highlight am O-SEE mit großer nationaler und internationaler Beteiligung. Aber bis dahin gibt es noch viel  zu tun und wir benötigen die Unterstützung aller, um das Event zu stimmen.

Als nächstes wird das Online-Meldeportal nun "scharfgemacht". Onlineanmeldungen sind dann ab dem 5.12.2015 möglich.


When it is XTERRA GERMANY for the age group athletes possible to qualify for the World Championships on Maui, Hawaii. In total there are 51 qualification slots for the World Championships on Maui, Hawaii for the age-class athletes. The level of qualification in the XTERRA GERMANY 2018 is only valid for the XTERRA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 Maui, Hawaii. It is likely that not all athletes who qualify and the qualifying spot to complete. Therefore, the athletes so long to be shifted downwards in each age group qualifying slots are all forgiven. The exact distribution is shown in the table below.

age group Male Female Total
15 – 19 1 1 2
20 – 24 2 2 4
25 – 29 2 2 4
30 – 34 3 2 5
35 – 39 3 2 5
40 – 44 3 2 5
45 – 49 3 2 5
50 – 54 3 2 5
55 – 59 2 2 4
60 - 64 2 2 4
65 – 69 2 2 4
70 - 74 1 1 2
75 - 79 1   1
80+ 1   1
Total 29 22 51

Visiting the Kingdom – we’re off to Wallonia to the XTERRA Belgium!

Belgium GErmanyIt’s been decided! 

XTERRA Belgium is to be event partner of the O-SEE Challenge 2018. After the traditional Christmas winter walk ending at the cosy Kammbaude in Oybin with the owner, Knut, the O-SEE athletes present decided in favour of the Belgians. The secret favourites came out on top against strong competition from Denmark, Switzerland and Poland. We were, after all, already curious about Belgium. In no time at all the Walloons have managed to establish XTERRA Belgium as a highlight on the European tour. The backdrop of the Namur citadel high above the river Maas played, in part, a decisive role. But not just that. The Belgians are a cycling nation and cross-triathlon has 50% to do with cycling, or so it feels. The enthusiasm for this sport can certainly be felt. And they know how to party, too!

So, let’s have a look. Race Director, Florian Badoux and XTERRA veteran Yeray Luxem will like this.

But what does it mean, O-SEE Challenge event partner? Really it doesn’t mean anything more than the fact that we want to build a close and intensive connection with the organisers and event during the year. More precisely:

  1. As a highlight for the year 2018, O-SEE Sports will travel to XTERRA Belgium with as many people as possible and at the same time promote the XTERRA family.
  2. From now on, us O-SEE doers will keep in close contact with the organisers and promoters of XTERRA Belgium and so get some joint promotional activities off the ground.
  3. O-SEE Sports will in return invite representatives of the partner event’s organisational team to XTERRA Germany at the O-SEE.
  4. We will develop personal contacts, share experiences, get to know each other better and maybe even party together and therefore be able to build up a personal rapport with each other.

In 2017 we paired up with XTERRA France as the first ever partner event, and so now we’re carrying on. We’re already looking forward to this season’s highlight, that is of course alongside the O-SEE Challenge itself!



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